November 12, 2005

Started clecoeing the VS spar together.

A couple of more shots like this and I'll at least have proof my left hand constructed 51% of the aircraft. Interesting thing to note here....there IS an up and a down to these brackets. The bracket on the right is missing a couple of holes. These are drilled much much later in assembly with the fuselsausage, I think.

Assembled the rudder frame. Don't mind the funny rib on the front. It's hard to know exactly how everything will fit without getting the skin on.

This time, I tried something different. I took the frame apart, and clecoed the pieces into the skin one at a time. This was easier for one person to do than trying to stick the whole frame in at once. Then again, it wasn't THAT much easier. From now on, I'll just plop the whole frame in all at once like everyone else. I've said this once, and I'll say this again....please, whatever you do follow the instructions (or your own gut at least) and don't pay any attention to what I'm doing here. I put the "woops" in experimental.

I wasn't sure what this piece didn't look very important so I threw it out.

It's slowly starting to look like something.

One side all clecoed...

And the other side all clecoed.

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