February 12, 2006

Today I picked up Rosie's wing jig he's lending me. Apparently, this sucker's built quite a few RV's in the area.

It was a pain in the butt to transport this in the back of the pickup. It took a while to figure out how to strap it down, but it's do-able.

The guy who was storing this thing left it outside...the rust was pretty bad.

The particle board on it was pretty bad too. My next door neighbor came by and asked if I was actually going to let that rusted thing into my workshop. The answer was "Of course not!".

Now, I didn't want to go nuts here. The right thing to do would be to snadblast it...that's WAY too much work for a stupid jig. I spent about an hour with my die grinder and a few scotchbrite disks to knock off all the loose stuff.

The I gave it a couple of coats of Rustoleam Rusted Metal primer, and a couple of coats of Rustoleam flat white. Presto!

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