December 7, 2006

So now we have a mess in the garage again.

A view of the wing crates.

Too cute.

Did I mention this is built in Mexico. This is my instrument panel, or possibly some sort of jig for assembling tamales.

The nosebowl

Tamale jig again

Wing strut attach fittings

Flap return springs....I think. I have no idea what half this stuff is but I guess well, I think.

Rudder pedals and brakes.

This is clearly part of the swaging damper...okay, I don't know what this is.

Update: This is the rear cargo door latch.

More random parts. The big thingy in the middle is the elevator bellcrank with it's ascociated bushing. The things on top look like pushrods.

Update: The two on top are the trim tab pushrods. The one in the middle goes in the control stick assembly and actuates the ailerons.

Two random pieces of metal.

Update: These are torque tubes for the elevator trim tabs actuators.

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