December 8, 2006

It's starting to make sense. You turn this...

...into this to actuate the trim tabs.

All the little pieces/parts for the control stick assembly and elevator bellcrank.

Tail brace wire fittings and landing gear axle spacers.

A couple of random bushings. I still don't know where these go.

Door/Window latches.

More random parts...what the heck are these things?

How on Earth does this help an airplane fly???

Update: Seat adjustment mechanism.

Flap actuating stuff.

At first I thought this went with the control stick assembly. It turns out this is the horizontal stabilizer mounting tube.

Control stricks.

Here are the leftovers. I have NO clue what any of this stuff does.

Update: I e-mailed Budd and told and asked him if I could just throw these in the box with all the leftover parts from my BBQ grill. He suggested that I could make a rotisserie out of them if I wish or use the screw-tab things to mount the rear seat and the triangle thing to join the two flap cables. I still don't know where the bushings go.

Landing gear strut cap, snap ring and o-rings.

1 of 2 landing gear strut springs (they coil them the other way for shipments to Australia).

Landing gear strut.

Tail spring and bracket.

Horizontal stab struts.

Front seats.

Front door and window.

Cargo door.

I'm pretty sure 'puertos' must mean 'bubble wrap' in Spanish.

Look! More 'puertos'. I can't even begin to tell you how much bubble wrap comes in the kit.

Horizontal stab.

Elevator. Note the trim tab is complete but needs to be cut out.


El Wall de Fuego.

New feature for 2007 kits (and my 2006 kit). Pre-cut floor panels!

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