December 17, 2006

Time to get the wing ready to work. We spent a couple of days recleaning the garage, getting rid of wing crates etc.

First we took two EAA 1000 tables and stuck them together.

Then I screwed the top of the wing crate to the table in a few spots.

Lay down some styrofoam (you get TONS of styrofoam in the wing crate) and voila', instant table. I'm going to stick some plywood under the foam to distribute the loads a little better.

I also redid the wing cradle a bit. The wing now rests on a 2X8 and foam. The boards you see up front are strictly sanity checks...there is NO pressure on them at all. It just holds things in place in case I get a little over eager when I roll it around.

The carpet is now just there to keep it from scratching up the support anymore. The wing just leans against the vertical support. The clecos are in because we had to move the jig outside. It's ALWAYS windy here and the skins flop around if you don't cleco them dowm.

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