December 21, 2006

Got a package from Finland and position lights!

Jommi likes his Christmas stocking from Ellen's mom.

Here are the GS-Air position lights hooked up to a 13.8V, 15amp Radio Shack power supply. They are BRIGHT. This is with the garage lights on and my camera's flash.

Garage lights on, no flash.

Garage lights off, no flash. As you can see, there's no difference. It's because the lights totally dominate everything around them. The garage lights make an insignificant contribution to the light going into my camera. We tried out the strobes too. They work awesome. I'm very pleased with the system. Remember, it's not just about being bright, though. Giovanni Speziali (the designer) assures me that these meet FAA spec for coverage and power. After having seen them first hand, I can't imagine that they don't. Incidentally, the power supply was $79 from Radio Shack. Using a 15amp supply like this will allow me to test pretty much all the avionics later on in the build. The position lights themselves draw about 1.2 amps for the pair. The strobe driver sucks down 5.5 amps.

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