December 30, 2006

We've been so busy since the Bearhawk arrived that we haven't really had a chance to do ANYTHING to it yet. We weren't really prepared for it. Now that we're back home from vacation, we're ready to hit the ground running.

Remember those tires I got from my local FBO? Well the Grove wheels and brakes were sitting home waiting for me when I got back. The Groves are the 60-1 aluminum, btw. I decided against magnesium for the superior corrosion resistance of the aluminum.

So I fiddled around a bit randomly torquing and untorquing bolts. The assembly instructions are AWFUL. I spent about an hour figuring out how the brakes mount, etc etc.

I did finally get around to doing some real work, though, and actually assembled the wheels. I also checked the fit on the axle. The included spacer seems fine.

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