March 20, 2005

Here we are....our first day in the new house

What an ugly garage. Incidentally, you see that workbench in the corner? I ended up tearing that apart. I used the top of the bench, turned upside down and with a screen stapled across, to prime parts sometimes.

Maybe it's just me, but the garage should no way be the dingiest room in the house. That's what the kitchen's for....

The transformation begins. The plan is to paint the walls, ceiling and floor a bright white. That should really help with the lighting a bit.

Note the smile on my face....this is when I thought I was gonna do one quick coat, no problems etc etc

We'll start here....why? Why not?

Ellen and Jommi "helping".

You can't tell from this picture, but I just finished many hours of putting two coats of paint on the walls and ceiling AND priming the garage floor. At this point, we have yet to own this house a full 8 hours.

"Cut in" the basement floor...

Stuff's not covering as well as I though it would....but NO WAY am I doing another coat on the STUPID FLOOR

No more coats!

It's fine the way it's just a FLOOR.

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