April 24, 2005

Spent the morning flying around with Paul. He's a really super guy. For those who don't know, he built an absolutely beautiful RV, and has flown it just about everywhere. Here are some shots of took of his cockpit. He had just installed the CS prop.

The pictures don't nearly do the paint job justice...

This was my first ever ride in an RV. Paul was nice enough to basically let me fly it right down to the runway at Fox. My flying was sooooo rusty. Between the move and the plane, my flying time has been nearly 0 all year. Incidentally, though, the RV handles like a DREAM.....amazing flying plane. Now I'm all fired up to finish it.

Paul decided I was doing too much goofing off, so he came by to my place to give me some "encouragement"

By the time he left, we where getting close to putting the skins on. Thanks Paul...I needed that :)

After he left, we kept right on chugging along

The next time those clecos come out will be to replace them with a rivet

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