October 11, 2005

I started riveting the frame together today.

Here's the lower part of the rudder spar. This is a pain in the butt to get all setup because there are so many parts. I found that the easy way to do it is to rivet everything you can WITHOUT putting the ridder brace (the part with the big hole in it) in place. When that's all done, you can squeeze the rudder brace enough to get it to slide into place. There where a couple of places on this assembly where I had to use the rivet gun, but for the most part it's all squeezed.

Just a couple of shots of the upper and middle reinforcement plates and plate nuts.

Using the longeron yoke, I was able to squeeze the rivets attaching the rudder brace to the rudder horn. It's not easy to sneak the yoke in and out through that hole, but it is possible.

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