November 19, 2005

Scott came by today to check on my work, found a couple of rivets that I need to replace and finished off the paper work for my first inspection. Thanks Scott :)

Time to start closing up the VS. Clecoed everything together except the rear spar. You need to leave the rear spar off in order to rivet the skin rivets.

One side almost done....

The replacement HS-710 came in the mail toady. This is just one last shot of the last one with the crappy edge distance. What was I thinking???

Ut ohhh. Don't ask...I don't want to talk about it. Okay, fine...I bent this tab trying to drill out a rivet. You can't just bend it back up because it hits the skin before it bends up enough to get flush. NOW I've got a problem. I called Scott and he came on by.

As you can see from this next shot, things did not quite go as planned. Where there was once a perfectly good rib with a bent tab there is are now 3 holes, one of which is oblong. Sheesh...what a mess.'s okay. Order a new rib, e-mail to Vans. No problem :) I'll explain it all tommorow when I have a little more energy. Right now? It's martini time.

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