November 20, 2005

Here's what happened. We tried to beat the rib into submission with a hammer and a long punch. Poor Scott felt so bad when the rib cracked. It so totally wasn't his fault. We tried our best to unscrew-up my mistake, and this was just bad luck. It happens. Not a big deal. Scott hung around and helped me drill the rib out. I screwed up the hole you see here (it's not as oblong as this in the spar). Hey, live and learn. Thanks again for the help, Scott.

So I have a new rib on order. In the meantime, Esteban (a local rv-7 builder who just started) is going to lend me the VS-707 from his own kit. All I'm going to do is stick LP4-3 rivets, as Vans suggest, in the two holes that aren't enlarged. In the really screwed up hole, I have to drill it out to 3/16 (#12) and use a ABCPW-6738-LMNOP rivet. Okay...I don't remember the exact rivet he said to use, but by gum I'm gonna use it!

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