November 23, 2005

All I really had left to do today was finish drilling the right half of the HS. Piece of cake.

There is it. I've just started drilling all the holes. Once I get started, this process goes VERY quickly. The slowest part is moving all the clecoes so you can do the other half of the holes.

Done and dissasembled. I'll debur all the parts tommorrow. Also, the new VS-707 rib and rivets came in the mail from Vans today (I also got a big bucket of fresh New York mozzarella that my mom mailed me for Thanksgiving. Thanks, Mom!). I'll probably fit the rib tommorow and get that prepared as well. If I'm lucky, I'll get to shoot some primer too.

Just a look at a big hole I put in my bench. Go down a picture to see why....

It's setup so that I can mount this vice either facing out like this, or facing in. When it's facing in, it's setup so that the vice itself is laying flush on the table. The big hole in the middle you saw was for letting the little lip on the vice holder go into the table so the holder itself is flush. The little lip was originally used for a screw clamp, but screwing it to the table like this with bolts and wing nuts is WAY better, IMHO. I don't have a shot of it, but the front of the table has the same hole, so I can mount this on the side or on the front. Nifty :)

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