December 15, 2005

Time to fit the counter weight in.

A vixen file makes quick work of taking the lead down. Really, just the front needs to be trimmed a little to clear the rivets that will be on either side.

Everything's fit and I used this Avery #10 screw dimpler to do the dimples. An astute viewer will note at this point that I'm dimpling a tooling hole, NOT the proper counterbalance hole. Woops :)

4 holes where there should be three. That's what happens when you drill everything like this...

Instead of like this... Really not a big deal. I just flattened out the errant dimple and moved on.

The front spar flange needed to be straightened out a bit. This helped with a little of the oil-canning I had when it was clecoed together. Didn't fix it entirely, but it's really not that bad. These skins are so thin I think you'll get a little oil-canning no matter what you do.

Thanks to Dan Checkoway for this tip. Oh no! My dimple pliers don't fit. What ever will I do.

Dan's solution? Bend it out of the way, dimple it, then bend it back.

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