December 21, 2005

De-clecoed the rudder from the wedge. There was a lot of cleanup to do. I got the minor spats cleaned up with MEK and a rag (it still works even after a few days). For the holes, I used a #12 drill bit and just twisted it in the dimple a couple of times...LIGHTLY twisted it. This cleaned out the excess proseal very nicely.

Here's a shot down the trailing edge. Very straight...for now, at least.

Here's my back rivetting setup. Combinations of phone, MDF etc. Whatever it takes to get things flat. I followed Van's instructions and set every tenth rivet or so half way. Then went back and set every 5th rivet 1/2 way. Then finshed setting all the leftover rivets 1/2 way. Then turned it over and finished them off with a flush set from the manufactured head side.

A little work, a bit off sweating, lots of help from Ellen, and a bottle of bear later, here's the trailing edge. Pretty darn straight.

Here's another shot. It looks hooked at the near end, but it's not.

A shot from the back. I'm VERY happy how this came out.

Okay Okay...enough rudder pictures.

Just for kicks, I screwed in the hinges and did a test fit. I got some of the measurements wrong, but I eventually got everything adjusted properly.

It's soooooo smooth. Oh, and I really built this thing, Mr. FAA.

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