December 30, 2005

We went to NY over Christmas to drop in on my folks. Very very very Italian household (straight off the boat. Note the sheets over the furniture to keep the cat hair off. Very NY Italian thing to do.). It was awesome being back home. The people in NY just feel so comfortable to me. For some reason, folks from the Peoples Republic of California think we're all rude and obnoxious. Know what I say to that? Screw You, buddy! Ok...just kidding. Ellen and I just really had a good time hanging with my looney family and dropping in on my friends. Joe, if you're reading this, we just ran out of time and couldn't come up to see you. We'll be back soon :)

Here's my mom trying to tell me something. I believe she's threatening to tear my liver out and beat me with a wooden spoon if I snap a picture. He he...

My grandmother. She'll be 91 years old this year, and she still works full time (that's no joke...everyday, 9 to 5, sewing in a factory. She retired from the hospital when I was very young. That lasted about 2 minutes, and she went right back to work. HATED being home all day with nothing to do. She's one of the few people I know that might have some legitamate reason to fuss over what kind of primer to use. The rest of us will be very lucky to outlast our airplane.

That's Marvin. I got him when I went off to grad school. I left them with my parents for a few months when I moved into my condo in New Hampshire. My parents have apparently gotten very attached to them (they'd never admit it, though). What the heck...I just left them their. They seem happy, my parents seem happy, life is good :)

That's his brother, Z. Yes, one letter...Z. Don't ask, long story, plus it's none of your business.

There's my Bill & Ted's flying V (yes, signed by Keanu Reeves, and the other guy). Another long story how I ended up with that. Also you can see THE DOOR. My mom put up that cat poster when I was a wee lad. Like, was she trying to get my butt kicked by the other kids when they came over??? I immediately started covering it with every sticker I could find. Over the years, I added a lot of the loonier ones I'd come across. Oh yeah, and that guy hiding over on the side there is my dad. Hey, pop.

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