January 16, 2006

This came in the mail yesterday. Ellen's mom got us a gift card to Amazon. Instead of buying something useful, we decided to buy this Foodsaver thingy. It's the gadget that lets you vacuum bag pretty much anything you want. They have this great infomercial where that ditzy lady amuses herself for about 20 minutes with marshmallows and the "freshness genie". Let's take it for a spin...

But safety first. It admonishes you not to attach the vacuum thingy to any part of your body. Whatever could they mean?

Let's start out easy. Here's an open package of tortellini that we never finished.

Very nicely sealed. Score one for the freshness genie.

After a long day's work, I like to come home and relax with a nice martini, but who has the time?? Foodsaver to the rescue! I can make a weeks worth of martinis Sunday night, throw them in the refridgerator, and just slice one open when I get home.

At first glance it would appear that the test run worked...

...but upon close examination, definite plastic deformation is noticable in the the olivesiperal pimento lobe. Not acceptable.

I HATE it when my bread goes moldy. Foodsaver, however, is clearly not the answer here.

I realized that the olives and the bread were much too soft so I thought I'd move onto to something a little harder. Trader Joe's Rye chips.

Alas, not even rye chips can abide the Freshness Genie's might.

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