January 21, 2006

Just got back today from a business trip to Wichita. Joined the "Mug Club" at Granite City. It's good to be home. Back to work!

Remember these. I was waiting for something or other some time ago, and cut out all the stiffeners. They've been siting in a box somewhere. I started off the day by edge finishing them on the scotchbrite wheel. Totally time consuming. I also trimmed the stiffeners for the left elevator. The block of lead it just holding down the plans.

All clecoed to the skin.

When I marked these, I was sure to mark the stiffeners position AND whether it was the Top or the Bottome.

Just in case I felt like doing both skis at the same time, I also marked some of them with an R to signify Right elevator (a couple of them are common to the Left and Right elevators). I ended up just doing one side at a time, though.

There....now Ellen can get a repairman's certificate for this beast also. Her drilling tehnique really came a long way this session. This picture from the beginning and she was still a little wobby. By the end of the night, she drilled all the stiffeners and was handling the drill like a pro.

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