February 4, 2006

I'm hoping to get everything edge finished and at least primed today. We'll see how I do...

It's tough to see in this picture, but I dimpled the platenuts. I've heard that some people just countersink the trim reinforcement plate (in the background) aleviating the need, but I dimpled the plate so dimpled these. Totally not a big deal.

My Avery kit came with two female 3/32 dimple dies...a full size one, and this smaller one you see here. Some people have to grind off a bit of their female die to dimple the nutplates, but this small diameter die did the trick with no modification.

I backrivetted most of the nutplate rivets. I couldn't get to the rivets on top with the the backrivet set, so I just squeezed those. I bought the set of flush dies from Cleveland. It comes with a large die for the flush side and a bunch of smaller diameter dies for the machine head side. Once again, the smaller dies worked just fine.

This is so cool...

Deburred and primed all the stiffeners with the primer du jour, GBP 988.

Skin's all ready for deburring, edge finishing and priming tommorow.

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