February 11, 2006

Today I started on the structure for the left elevator. Dave Hartel (fellow builder) stopped by to chat. He just finished his tail. I'm right behind him.

Drill the rod-end doublers.

Once again, deal with the LOUSY fit of the tip ribs. Here it is before LOTS of tweaking.

If you line up all of the holes, here's how it fits. Really awful.

If you bend things enough, you can get it to fit nice and straight like this.

Most of the structure is clecoed together.

Clecoed the skin, drilled the root rib, then clecoed on the horn and drilled that. Once again, this CAN be put in upside down, so I triple checked it.

Dill the skin.

Flip it over, drill the other side...piece of cake.

Take it all apart, and prepare for deburring, edge finishing etc etc.

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